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Flounder: Feb 2024 ML Hack Day


Date(s) - February 17, 2024
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


February ML Hack Day.

A day of learning about Machine Learning by trying stuff out. We may have some ML experts attending who may be able to give some sort of lecture but probably it will be just people learning by doing.

I have a LicheePi4A which has an NPU built in and a server with a NVidia card that I can give access to. But I encourage other people to try to have some hardware suitable for their own use, a minimum would be a 16G of DDR4 RAM (as a rough guide a system with DDR4 has adequate CPU performance) and 16G of free storage space. Hardware for ML is a really good thing, ideally a GPU with 8G of RAM or more but you can do some useful stuff with CPU if you are patient.

Meeting will be at No need to register just click on the link on the day.

Meeting officially opens at 1pm Melbourne time (02:00UTC) on the 17th of Feb.

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